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Jodi Roberts

by Martin Miron

Jodi Roberts, owner of Sacred Inspiration, began her career as a sound healer with a degree in cultural anthropology, trained in cross-cultural, nature-based ceremony and healing, with a minor in women’s studies sociology and extensive training in play therapy, ropes courses, psychodrama workshops, group dynamics, Zen meditation, sound healing, shamanism and inner child work.

She says, “Sound has long been used as a tool to affect change. The most common, well-known use of sound is for meditation or relaxation, but sound is also used on the other end of the spectrum to pump up athletes and warriors. Music such as anthems and fight songs are regularly used to bring people together, align their intentions and to create a state of oneness.”

Intending to go to law school, Robert’s health issues instead took her on a path of searching for healing, and after years of healing studies, she was lead to investigate and study sound as a way of affecting positive change on the human body and soul. Roberts was the first sound healing/meditation specialist for the military at the Ft. Hood Army Warrior Combat Stress RESET Program in Killeen, Texas.

“Sound healing is intended to bring the body, mind, spirit and emotions into harmony,” says Roberts. “To many of the indigenous people on the planet, health is a balance of these four aspects of the human experience.” In her practice, she utilizes circular representation of life and reality that are used in many cultures: the medicine wheel, the Celtic spirit wheel and Eastern mandalas. After determining a client’s state of balance and place on the wheel, Roberts speaks with them about their spiritual body (east), emotional body (south), physical body (west) and mental body (north).

“Growing up, I never was musical, and I certainly didn’t consider myself an artist; however through getting out of my head and connecting more with my heart, I was able to master the ability to elicit beautiful sounds from Tibetan bowls and gongs,” she notes. Roberts uses sounds to help clear stress and anxiety that interfere with our nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself as it was designed to do, potentially transforming lives.

Roberts incorporates sounds into many different services: Sound Sessions with Tibetan bowls, gongs and guided imagery, Inner Child work and Shadow transformation, telephone and long- distance energy sessions, chakra clearing and balancing, shamanic and energy sessions and couples and family sessions.

Sound sessions are conducted either in a gong chamber, where a message table is surrounded by the larger instruments, or in the healing room, equipped with crystal and metal bowls. Roberts weaves layers of music with her own recorded CDs (available on her website) and her own live performance. Group events usually run 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of musical meditation and journey with time before and after for intention, teaching and speaking about experiences, if desired. These cost $25 to $30 and include light snacks and tea to reground.

The private sessions are 60 ($111) to 90 ($165) minutes, and the clients are given suggestions for continuing the work at home, often accompanied by instructional handouts. In all the ses- sions, the sound of the different bowls vibrates through the body, resulting in a sensation of peace, and deep relaxation.

Roberts’ clientele has grown over the last 29 years, and she works with people of all religious traditions locally and across the country. In addition to sound work, her experience and expertise in spiritual counseling allows her to offer sessions by phone or in person for shamanic/spiritual intensives, private shamanic sound sessions, Inner Child and trauma work.

Sacred Inspiration is located in the Star Coyote Sound Temple, in Plano. For more information, call 469-344-6484 or visit SacredInspiration.com.

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