Wonderfully Made; A Guide to Help Parents & Parents-to-Be

Expecting parents have plenty to worry about, especially when it comes to the health of the mother and new baby. Families looking for natural options to maintain health before, during and after  pregnancy will benefit from Wonderfully Made: A Guide to Help Parents and Parents-to-Be.

This latest offering from the King Institute, Inc., features full-color illustrations and photos, and guides readers in a comprehensive natural and non-toxic approach to help families with fertility issues through birth and how to address common problems at all stages of pregnancy. Readers can learn the meanings behind common medical terminology like gestational age, lunar months and days, ovulatory age and more. The book also features a week-to-week fetal development guide, tips on toxin sources that affect mother and child, effective and non-invasive ways to help with morning sickness, what to do for breached babies, breast-feeding issues and emergency first-aid for infants and toddlers.

Authors Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN, and Pamela J. Relyea wrote Wonderfully Made after 25 years of working with many families dealing with a variety of health issues surrounding fertility, pregnancy and infants in Dr. King’s practice. They now share the solutions that they have discovered over the years in this comprehensive guide that Dr. King started more than six years prior to its now first printing. A book of this type is expected to be filled with information, fascinating illustrations and charts, which it is, but it also includes instructions for direct help with most issues and illustrations to make it easy for anyone to provide effective help when needed.

Wonderfully Made is available for purchase at KingInstitute.org and on Amazon for $51.25 plus shipping and handling.


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