Women’s Healing Circle at Star Coyote Sound Temple

nb_Healing Oasis-StarCoyoteSoundTemple-CRVS-adjStar Coyote Sound Temple, in Plano, is holding a Women’s Healing Circle from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every other Thursday. Jodi Roberts, an anthropologist and sound healer, and Kris Sands a Healing Touch certified practitioner are the founders.

Sands says, “Women are naturally givers; the healing circle fills a need for wom- en’s healing, relaxing, receiving emotional support, and sense of sisterhood that make us more effective in the rest of our lives.”

According to Roberts, although many women’s groups come from a psychological perspective, “Our healing circle brings a holistic and systemic perspective to helping women. In other groups, clearing out issues and getting more in balance is mostly done from a intrapersonal perspective. Healing Oasis is about community and connection and each woman doing her part to improve herself for the greater purpose of affecting positive change within her family and circle of influence, and for the planet.”

Cost is $25. Located in a private residence near Parker and Custer, in Plano. To RSVP (required), call 469-344-6484. For more information, visit StarCoyoteSoundTemple.com.

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