Whole Body Thermography and Wellness Center Opens in Flower Mound

crg_drgenie-0217-adjDr. Genie Fields, DC, has opened the Whole Body Thermography & Wellness Center within the Whole Health Wellness Center at 3201 Cross Timbers Road, Building 1, Suite 200, in Flower Mound. Fields has 11 years of experience with whole body regulation thermography, which uses a handheld wand to scan the body, including the breast.

According to Fields, “Most tests show the organ structure and whether or not there is something that is structurally problematic. They don’t show how well the organs are functioning, which is an indicator of whether or not an organ could become diseased in the future or where underlying dysfunction is contributing to other symptoms.”

Fields says, that whole body regulation thermography is an excellent tool to see where there is dysfunction, if there is a need for detoxification, and whether or not the body is prepared to clear the toxins released during a detox. Upon completion of a thermography scan, she reads the report and includes a consultation at no extra charge, to provide recommendations and possible next steps. Alternatively, she can send a seven- page report to the patient’s doctor if they wish.

For more information or an appointment, call 469-645-8337.

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