When Grumpy Comes To Visit

Ever have one of those days that turn into weeks, or months? You wake up grumpy and hard to live with. You’re just a conflict waiting to happen. It takes a toll on your marriage, job and other relationships. So, what do you do when ole grumpy comes to visit?

Make a date with yourself and keep it weekly. When we are constantly taking care of people and things, we tend to deplete ourselves of that good feeling energy that helps  us balance out our emotions and everyday life. It also gives us a healthier outlook on life in general and thus, more patience with others.

Next, consider limiting your food intake and adhere to the old adage, “You are what you eat.” This means not only eating better and exercising, but we also need to monitor our visual and audio intake, as well. The drama played out in primetime can become reruns of our home life if we are not mindful. Music has the power to actually alter water, according to Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of  Messages from Water. From continuing experiments, they concluded that water reacts to lyrics. We are made of 98 percent water, so maybe hostile lyrics influence aggression.

Finally, make it a game. Ask yourself who or what invited grumpy? Nobody wants to be grumpy, but we’ve all been there. Beat it by finding something to give you a good, hearty laugh. Share a heartfelt act and feel good about the world and the people in it. Give a hug and receive one. Send ole grumpy packing and get your smile back. One way to avoid conflict is to keep grumpy at bay. Send ‘em packing and claim your hours, days and life back.

Kat Smith is a certified loveologist, author of  Romantic Retreats in Texas and former syndicated radio talk show host. For more information, visit Kat-Smith.com.

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