Yoga Poses: What’s Your Favorite Yoga Pose

Natural Awakenings asked several nearby yoga teachers about their favorite pose (asana) and why they love it.


Yoga pose - Twisted Pigeon - Kirsten Birch Pose-adjKirsten Joy Burch: Twisted Pigeon
This pose is a variation of the Pigeon pose. To add the twist, you must surrender and allow your breath to release tension. You must let go of mental and physical constraints and focus solely on moving slowly into the position using proper form. Pigeon is considered the king of hip-openers and supports the low back, when done properly. It helps reduce or slow our bumper-to-bumper thoughts.

Twisted Pigeon squeezes out scattered energy, releases suffering and shuts down my mind. For yogis with claustrophobia, it can be daunting; however, the twist allows us the freedom to breathe, supports metabolism, and (my favorite) assimilates experience into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. Some who practice find it results in a flow of tears and an emotional release.

Burch teaches and practices hatha yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation. For more information, call 972-740-8104.


Yoga Pose - Warrior - COLOR - Maya Crockett-adjMaya Crockett: Warrior
I just love the warrior poses, as they make me feel strong and expansive, yet very grounded. Life is all about movement and balance, and each yoga pose represents different parts of life that require constant awareness and adjustment to stay in harmony, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We do not master yoga, there is only practice.

Deeper meanings include compassion and forgiveness of self and others. Warrior also strengthens our core and increases balance and flexibility in the body, as well as mind.

Crockett is the owner of Grateful Yoga, 602 E Main St., Ste. B, Allen. For more information, call 214-666-6272 or visit


YOGA POSE - Cheri Hausmann - IMG_4722-adjCheri Hausmann: Seated
My favorite is the Seated pose, with the variations of siddhasana and padmasana. I was once told that if a yogi were to master any pose, it would be this one, for the benefits of this posture are far greater than all the others.

Benefits include a strong spine which improves posture and opens the ribcage for better flow of oxygen. This posture also keeps one grounded to the Earth while still perfectly connected with the upper body.

The deeper meaning is quite simple; see things as they are. This seated posture trains a yogi to observe their thoughts and surroundings instead of reacting to them.

This pose is the reason why the ancient rishis and sages of old practiced yoga. It is the preparation for meditation which allows one to unite with the true goal of yoga, which is God realization. It is a lifelong journey. Esthetically, a yogi can look as if they have mastered something, but if the mind is not right, then they are really at the beginning!

Hausmann is the owner of Relax Home Yoga mobile studio, in Denton. For more information, call 940-218-8437 or visit

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