The Unseen Trauma of Birth

sb_traumaofbirth-asby-img_8641-adjPregnancy and birth are two of the most beautiful and miraculous events any woman will experience. Our bodies are designed to develop and then usher the baby into the world through the birth process. However, anyone that has seen a birth can attest to how traumatic it can be for both Mom and baby.

Tauma to the infant occurs as the baby is displaced from the fetal position, and then extended and forced through the birth canal. This alone is traumatic, but often some form of invasive intervention such as induction, C-section, vacuum extraction or forceps is required, adding more trauma to the event.

Even an unassisted natural birth process can cause misalignment, which occurs most often at the top of the top (atlas) and bottom of the baby’s spine; but when intervention occurs, the chance of misalignment and its severity can be exacerbated.

Spinal misalignment at any age causes an interruption in the nervous system that can lead to symptoms throughout the body. Those resulting from the birthing process can cause many common infant and childhood symptoms such as painful nursing, reflux, torticollis (twisted neck), colic, constipation, sleep issues and ear infections. As the child ages, symptoms may change, sometimes manifesting as behavior problems, ADD/ADHD or even autism, and problems can continue to manifest and increase through adulthood.

Checking for and correcting spinal and atlas misalignments is important throughout life, but doing so immediately after birth is often an overlooked opportunity to help a child get the best start in life. At this age, finding a chiropractor specifically trained in delicate infant and pediatric chiropractic is crucial, and the National Wellness Foundation  ( is a great resource.

sb_crg-brittneyasby-synergybalance-adjDr. Brittney Asby is owner of Synergy Balance NUCCA Chiropractic Healing Center, in Dallas, and is certified in pediatric chiropractic. For more information, appointments or consultations, call 972-387-4700 or visit

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