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Turning Your Dream Into Reality - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthDreams are very personal. What may seem like fantasy to one person may be a lifelong passion to another. One person may want to climb the Matterhorn, where another wants a quiet life in the country. One person may want to be a rock star and travel the world, while another wants to grow aromatic herbs. What may seem like a mundane dream to one person may be the total longing of another.



Dreams can be turned into reality, and there are steps that can be taken to make it happen. A dream needs to be very specific. Imagine building a house. The first step may be to find a plot of land in an ideal spot, then engage an architect to turn the dream house into a very detailed blueprint. The blueprint contains how many rooms are in the house, whether and where there are stairs, how many doors and windows and so on.

It’s the same with a dream. A dream can only come true with very detailed and specific plans: how does it affect the senses, how does it feel, how does it smell, what are the tiny details of the dream? For example, if a dream is to own a new car, imagine driving the car, imagine how the dials look, imagine getting into and out of the car. The key to making the dream come true is does it align with personal values, and does the dream make the dreamer feel alive? Does it provide a sense of excitement for new possibilities?

A dream can be very fragile. A thoughtless remark from a family member or colleague can cause it to collapse like a house of cards. As if that’s not enough, the subconscious mind will try to protect the dreamer from disappointment and throw out its own objections in the form of an inner critic. Navigating the inner and outer critics is important to continuing the dream. There are tools available for recognizing the critical voice and using it to your advantage. For example, recognizing a fear and arranging to make a date with it sometime in the future frees the dreamer to continue along the chosen path.

Surprising things start to happen if the dream is held firmly. The dreamer awakens a newfound sense of awareness and begins to notice more. This may occur in the form of perceiving inner feelings or opportunities that open doors in the direction of the dream. At this point, many people begin to acquire a sense of calm and inner peace, knowing that the dream is holding strong. It is also at this point that the brain starts to shift. Old pathways of doubt and uncertainty start to trade places with pathways of belief and certainty that the dream is on its way to fulfillment. Neural research in the last decade has made exciting discoveries into explaining beliefs, so maybe the old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” should now be changed to, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

Kathryn Kutzer is a certified Dream Builder and Life Coach. Contact her at 469-955-5123 or visit DreamBuilderLifeCoach.com for more information.

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