Trio Cleanse Available For a Unique Detoxing Experience

nb_Trio Cleanse-adjThe Cupping Guru and Salt Escape are offering their exclusive Trio Cleanse during June that combines salt room therapy, cupping therapy and 24 hours of cold-pressed juice to create a powerful and effective cleanse. Dana Russell, LMT, ACT, and owner of Cupping Guru, says, “We have combined the knowledge, experience and talents of the best wellness businesses in the area to create a unique, powerful and relaxing cleanse. This is a one-of-a-kind experience.”

In one location, clients can spend 50 minutes receiving a customized cupping therapy session for detoxification, relaxation, deep tissue and even cellulite smoothing, and then spend a relaxing 45 minutes in a salt room with infused dead sea salts. Then they take the juice home and begin the 24 hours of cleansing with cold-pressed juice.

Russell is certified by the International Cupping Therapy Association. She is also certified as a medical massage therapist.

Cost is $169. Location: Salt Escape, 2100 Dallas Pkwy., Ste. 140, Plano. For appointments, call 469-831-2795. For more information, visit Cupping.Guru.

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