TJ’s Terrific Touch is Offering Prenatal/Pregnancy Massages

Prenatal massage is simply a tool to aid in the amazing birthing process and to make it as pleasant as possible. Mothers that have never had a pregnancy massage before should know that this particular massage is focused and designed mainly for comfort and usually involves many more pillows and cushioning than traditional massage.



At TJ’s Terrific Touch (3T’s), the prone (face down) position is never used with pregnant customers, only supine (face up) and/or sideways positions. Owner TJ (Tameka Kaeufer) says, “3T’s sends congratulations to all the expecting mothers, new and experienced, and looks forward to serving many of you soon!”

Bringing another life into this world can be an absolutely wonderful and beautiful experience. Nevertheless, it is also one of the hardest things to do and the toll it takes on a female’s body, both emotionally and physically, can be enormous. Some of the most common complaints from expecting clients are back pain (mainly lower back), heartburn, depression (mood swings), cramps (mainly legs), swelling of the ankles, frequent urination, fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea, nervousness and overall stress.

Location: Teel Parkway, Frisco. For more information and appointments, call 469-237-4289, email or visit

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