Texas Complementary and Alternative Care in Jeopardy

nb_action-alert-sheila-img_3408-rzup-adjA Sunset Committee hearing on the Texas Medical Board (TMB) will be held on December 9 at the Capitol Building in Austin to hold TMB accountable for the unjust treatment of complementary and alternative licensed and unlicensed practitioners.

nb_action-alert-sheilas-son-img_3399-rzup-adjA TMB Don’t Mess With Me rally/ lobby day on December 9 for health care practitioners and the public will convey the message that Texans want their medical freedom, and to stop persecuting our complementary and alternative/integrative licensed and unlicensed practitioners.

Texas law has provided standards for physicians practicing complementary and alternative medicine for 20 years, and it’s time everyone knows it and the TMB recognizes it and honors our healthcare freedom decisions to stop the harassment of our healthcare providers.

For more information, visit TexasRightToKnow.com/texas-medical-freedom.

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