Surround Yourself With People Who Inspire You

Although yoga has gained a huge following in the U.S., its mysterious and sometimes intimidating cachet endures. As a life coach and longtime yoga practitioner, clients and friends frequently ask about my dedication to the practice through questions like, “Why do you go so often?”

Yoga’s health benefits are myriad and well documented. From improved blood pressure to balance, muscle toning and mental acuity, it’s a fantastic exercise for your body and your mind. But why I love and recommend yoga is because it is neither snooty nor exclusive. Yoga is a community; a tribe where everyone belongs.

In Tom Rath’s book, Wellbeing, he notes, “Having direct and frequent social contact with someone who has high well-being dramatically boosts your chances of being happy.” That’s precisely how I think of yoga and its benefits.

When we come together at yoga, no matter what size, fitness shape or background, we share in and amplify each other’s well-being. Just by being there and giving our best to restore our minds and bodies, we also encourage each other to thrive that day. Sometimes before and after class, we share bits of our lives with each other. We pray, meditate, set good intentions for each other and cheer one another on.

Try yoga with an open mind and you’ll get more than just exercise. You’ll be inspired. Try it and you will feel it, too.

Penny Rackley is a certified life coach and speaker at Inspire Yoga Studio and School, in Highland Village, TX. For more info call 972-505-9764 or visit


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