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What’s new? Share it with us! Here are some things that make great news!

New office • Recent certification • Special event • New Book • Relocation • New Key Product Line / Service • New Key Partnership • Workshop / Seminar 

We welcome any news items relevant to the subject matter of our publication. We also welcome any hot tips or suggestions you may have for a news item.  Contact us for pricing.


• NewsBriefs are designed to work with display ads and give your ad / business an extra impression.  At the end of the brief, your contact info and “See ad page xx” will be included, so the reader can go to your ad for more info, a reason to call/act now and a stronger sense of your brand.  If you don’t already have a display ad in the magazine, contact us today and we can customize a package for you – from a short-term event package or a full-fledged marketing system complete with an attention-getting ad, editorial, calendar event listings, directory listings, online presence and more.

• NEWSBRIEFS TELL.  ADS SELL.  Newsbriefs are designed to “announce,” not “promote” or “sell.”  The details will illustrate that the event is exciting / fun / unique etc.  If you want to really promote/sell ask us about an ad.

• SEND LOTS OF DETAILS.  Along with the basic info requested in the form, you’ll need to describe the news and make it sound interesting.  If you don’t include enough compelling information, the brief cannot be published.

• BEFORE YOU START THE SUBMISSION – HAVE PHOTOS READY.  Newbrief must be submitted along with several 300 dpi (high resolution / straight-from-the-camera) photos that illustrate the information in your brief.  No logos please.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH PHOTOS – SEND THEM DIRECTLY TO US by EMAIL, and reference the news subject / title. Alternatively, you can send us a link to drop box. (We always prefer options.)

• Please note that Natural Awakenings reserves the right to edit, accept or reject any submission for any reason, including content or theme. Submission does not guarantee placement.  • Our editors will craft a brief from what you’ve submitted and take care of grammar and making sure it meets our modified AP style as required by our corporate office.

Info pasted in from other sources, may look just fine on your end.…but when the form is received in our office, important info (or even large chunks) may be missing. Submission does not guarantee publication. Published newsbriefs will be written according to our styling. We reserve all editorial rights. Submission does not guarantee publication. Advertisers have priority placement.
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 New Business Relocated Business New Service / Offering New Certification / Award / Recognition Special Event New Partnership / Alliance Book Overview Other

ADVERTISING TIP: NewsBriefs TELL, Ads SELL. Placing an ad to advertise this news (or modifying your current ad to work with this news), is the strongest way to impact the readers and get them to move from awareness to action. It gives the reader multiple impressions; first telling them about something new/exciting....and then following up with another brand impression designed to grab their attention and motivate them to take action. Advertiser's NewsBriefs receives priority consideration and an end-note that includes, contact info plus "See ad on page XX".

 YES, I want to place a display ad to really promote this I will change my current ad to promote this No



1. WHO IS INVOLVED? Who is the news maker / sponsor?(could be a business) ~ Why are you / this person qualified to teach/share/do this?

2. WHAT IS HAPPENING? What is newsworthy, or timely, and of interest to our readers? (What might make a good title? / What is the hook?) Is this a new service, book, product or a special event? Js this an announcement that you've achieved a new certification or award? etc.

3. *WHEN is the event, business change or opportunity taking place? When did you receive the certification? When is book being released? etc.

4. WHERE is the event taking place? Where will product / book be available? Where did you receive the certification? etc. (Please include the complete address)

5. WHY is it happening? Why is event happening? Why did you publish the book? Why the change in your business? Why did you create the product? etc. (Share details, backstory etc.)

6. WHY is this news important to our readers? Why is this new / different / unique? How will this News affect our readers? What is the immediate benefit to them? What will make them say "wow" or "that's good to know"?

6. HOW is it going to happening? (More details....How is it all coming together, How long will it run, How can someone get involved? Share more details - descriptions..... give the interesting FACTS. Do not include marketing 'hype'. Facts only please.)

(If you are selecting paid, Enter the Total Amount as well):
 Free Donation Paid (Enter Amount $) Dollar amount required for “paid” events. Up to 4 characters.

Sometimes the best way to share the news and why it's valuable info for the reader is to do it in the form of a quote from the owner / manager etc. Example: Dr. Smith says, "We saw a need in the community for a better __________ and so we decided to step in and be that change. We are thrilled to be working with ________________ to make this possible." Or, "____________ is an important part of overall health, so we're combining ________ with ______ to bring this amazing service to North Texas."

Please provide a substantive quote and details as to whom the quote should attributed. Please include full name and title along with the quote. THIS IS NOT A RANDOM OR FAVORITE QUOTE. This is YOU, or your staff being quoted as you tell us factual information about this event / book / product etc. This is more along the lines of something like "We enjoy working with the preschoolers and helping them to understand why eating kale is so important - and how tasty it can be."

9. Other misc. information. For example:
~ Additional background information on the topic.
~ Why are you / this person qualified to teach/share/do this?
~ Why is event being held? Who will benefit? Back story on the charity/group/event/effort.
~ Who is putting this event on and why?
~ If an event, tell us why someone would want to come? What will be happening? Will there be food, music, shows? If so, what kind? Is it family/kid/pet friendly? Who should attend. Any notables in attendance? Paint a picture for readers so they can envision themselves being at/part of the event.
~ When did the business / event open/start? How long have you been in business?
~ Why are you holding this event/What do you hope to accomplish?
~ If recurring, how long has it been going on, etc.?:
~ References, resources, credibility statements, etc.
~ Any related testimonials, books, organizations?

10. Unpublished Comments / information for the editor:

• Your NewsBrief MUST be accompanied by a HIGH RESOLUTION (straight from the camera) photos. These should be photos of the newsmaker / speaker / teacher etc. or a photos of people enjoying the event, or a photos of the new product or book cover etc.
Do not send stock images or your logo. (Those are fine for your display ad - but not appropriate for 'news'.) Your news images should be interesting, well-lit, appropriate for the 'news' we are sharing and make people think "I want to go to that event" or "I want to learn more from him/her". EMAIL YOUR IMAGE TO Publisher (at) If you have lots of images you can send us a link to your Dropbox folder too.
Please be sure you own the rights to use any photo or image you send. If you do not have a photo - one can be purchased from any reputable stock photo site. BUT, be sure to have your image approved by us before you purchase it for use with this brief.

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