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The ANNUAL NATURAL LIVING DIRECTORY (ANLD) a special edition created with special formatting, a special cover and focus.  It is designed to be a ‘KEEP IT ALL YEAR’ RESOURCE for our readers.  Advertisers have the opportunity to list any number of categories.  Deadline for this once-a-year edition is March 5th.  If received after that you will be placed in the next monthly directory.

The MONTHLY DIRECTORY is in the back of each monthly magazine.  Deadline for Monthly Directory is 1st of the Month Prior to Publication Month.  Run your listing for 12 months and your monthly listings are included in the next ANLD no extra charge! Plus 12-month listings get bonus Newsbriefs and Calendar event listings FREE!

Choose what categories to list under:  Choose from over 100 categories

Either way, your business can benefit from listing in MULTIPLE CATEGORIES: Since each aspect of your business may resonate with different readers and different times, many businesses can benefit from listing under several categories.  Example:  A wellness center might list under CHIROPRACTIC, PAIN RELIEF, ACUPUNCTURE, WEIGHT LOSS and MASSAGE depending on their business and what they offer.  Discounts are available for additional or duplicate listings.


ANNUAL DIRECTORY:  $139 each category; $109 for extras.  

Purchase three for $299.  (All must run in same edition.)

MONTHLY DIRECTORY:  $155* each category; 

$125* per category (w/ 6 Month Contract)   $99* per category (w/ 12 Month Contract)

Discounts available with Display ad or multiple categories.  *Prices are per month.

Each premium listing includes

up to 3 lines (for up to 4 items), + a description and color photo or logo, under 1 category.

  • Each listing is under one category title: You can select an existing category that fits your product or service best, or, if one does not yet exist, contact us about creating one for you. Note: Choices subject to publisher’s approval.
  • If you also run a display ad: We will add “See ad page xx” – no extra charge.
  • Additional lines and/or words available.  Please ask about pricing and formatting.  (Sample includes extra lines and words)


Natural Awakenings DIRECTORY listing
  • Photo or logo+
  • Owner / Practitioner – optional
  • Address (1 location)
  • Additional locations – optional
  • Phone • Website
  • DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS (Standard: Up to 25 words / Deluxe: Up to 50 words)

If you’re ready to submit your listing, PROCEED with the form below. 

If you’re not already in contact with us, please have your credit card handy to submit a $25 deposit via PayPal (you do not need a Paypal account to use this system).  This deposit will go towards your first payment.  We will contact you to confirm your listing, and make any adjustments.



*A signed six or twelve month agreement is required for inclusion in the MONTHLY magazine.
Single insertion agreement required for the ANNUAL NATURAL LIVING DIRECTORY edition (ANLD).
*** ANLD is only published once a year. Deadline for insertion is March 5th.***

If not already in place, these items can be fulfilled after submitting your listing on the form below.
If a contract or insertion order is not already on file with us, and we do not already have an account set up for you, a non-refundable, deposit of $25 is required to process this submission. You will be directed to payment page at the end of this form.
** That payment will be applied to the full price of your first listing or ad, as long as it is used within six months of payment date.

If you have questions on prices, please contact us prior to submitting and paying the account set-up payment.
Pricing is dependent on number of categories you're listed under, word count, number of lines, and how long you run the listing.

• Upon receipt of your submission and payment, we will set up your account and contact you to complete your agreement and to arrange credit card billing for any unpaid amount / or additional months.



I want readers to see my listing: (Choose one)
 Monthly Magazine Only in the ANLD


Under which category would you like to see your first listing? For greater exposure you may list in multiple categories at a discounted rate. Contact us for pricing.

or suggest a category here:

Extra charges apply for additional category listings:






Listings includes up to three lines for four items. (See lines with "•")
Lines 1A and 2A are optional and may be purchased, or substituted. Contact us for pricing if you wish to add a line or include information other than what is offered here. NOTE: Extra line charges maybe incurred for any "line info" that is longer than what will fit in our 1 column format. Word/space restrictions are approximate. We will do our best to help format information in best and most economical way.

• ITEM 1 / LINE 1: BUSINESS NAME (this line is always all CAPS)
OPTIONAL EXTRA ITEM / LINE 1A: Business Owner / Credential
• ITEM 2 / LINE 2: Street Address
OPTIONAL EXTRA ITEM / LINE 2A: Street Address Extra Info
• ITEMS 3 & 4 / LINE 3: Phone • Website

PLEASE NOTE: All info must be appropriate to the line description. Do not add extra information just because there are more spaces - it may not be printed. All formatting subject to Natural Awakenings editorial style and formatting changes may occur in final printed version. Natural Awakenings North Texas reserves the right to refuse or edit all submissions for content, format and length.

Item 1 / Line 1: BUSINESS NAME

(Maximum 25 characters and spaces per line. If a sole proprietor, your name / credential may be your Business Name. Note that lengthy credentials / titles may add extra lines / extra charges. We encourage you to limit credentials to the most important one or two depending on space, and what will resonate most with readers. License numbers do not go on this line, they go in your description; at the end.)

Extra Item / Line 1A: BUSINESS OWNER

(Maximum 32 characters and spaces per line. This is generally an "extra / optional" line and an extra charge may be incurred if this extra line is requested.) You may include professional degrees earned / title to demonstrate why you're qualified to provide this service. Please limit listing your degrees to the top one or two. Do not put License numbers here. License numbers that you are required to publish are to be included at the end of your business description, as part of your allotted word/spaces. Example: LMT #1234 or Independent Distributor #1234.


(maximum 33 characters and spaces per line)
STREET ADDRESS, CITY & ZIP. (Do not include the State unless it's outside TX) If your business is inside another establishment (like a Salon Suites location), you may include that in your business description but it will use up some of your word count. Alternatively, you may purchase an additional Address line. If you do not publicize your address - please put "UNPUBLISHED" here so we know that, or you may opt to use a general descriptor such as “Near Preston and Parker Roads in Plano”. This way readers have a sense of where you are.


- May be at extra charge if this extra line is required.
Sometimes used when the street number is required but it isn't specific enough. For example when your business is inside another business, or if a descriptive location is important to help people find you. Examples: "Next to Whole Foods" or “Inside Salon Boutique”, or "Back of the property". (Maximum 33 characters and spaces per line)

Item 3 / Line 3: PHONE

When entering phone numbers please use dashes. Example: 555-555-1212 (no parenthesis on the area code please). Limit 10 digits plus two dashes. Phone & Website are both on line 3. Additional phone numbers are optional, additional line purchase required.

Item 4 / Line 3: WEBSITE

(Maximum 20 characters and spaces per line - including ".com". Do not include www, it will not be printed. First letter of each word is capitalized. Example: Phone & Website are both on line 3. Long websites may require purchase of an additional line. (No social media sites please.)


• This portion is for telling readers what your business does/offers and when/why they need you.
You can choose to submit the standard listing (up to 200 characters/spaces), or purchase a longer version (Up to 360 characters/spaces).

• Directory listings are 'generic' info. They tell who you are, what you offer, and how people can reach you, and most importantly they create an additional impression and can point the reader to the page your ad is on. (That's where your seasonal specials, discounts and other bits of information do the 'real' persuading to get the reader to call, click, follow, book or buy.
Specials, sales, seasonal offers or social media are not included in directory listings.) Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. TIP: If you ONLY have a listing (without a display ad) the extra wording might be extremely helpful to communicating what you have and why the reader needs/wants it.

The STANDARD listing (up to 200 characters/spaces), usually fits about 25 words or so. Do not include info that was already submitted in the contact lines. ** If you are running a display ad along with your Monthly Directory listing we may reference that page number at the end of this description section at no additional charge, and it does not count in your 25 words. LICENSED PRACTITIONERS - Don't forget to include your License number here if it is required. If you need more space a longer description, a DELUXE listing is an option.


This form requires input in BOTH boxes below. However, only submit your listing in only ONE of the text areas and put "See longer/shorter listing" in the other box.


- MAX 200 characters/spaces.
If you submit a STANDARD listing here, do not enter anything in the Deluxe section below.


- MAX 360 characters/spaces. This adds $20 per month. Please make your initial payment with this submission at the $99 level.
If you submit a DELUXE listing do not enter anything in the Standard box above.



– This info will be used to create your agreement and is just for billing / contact purposes:

*Full Name (Required)

Enter contact name for billing purposes - Please also include name as it appears on the credit card you are using, so we can match up this listing with your online payment.

*Phone (Contact Phone - Required)

How should we contact you via phone?

*Email (Required)

This is where your confirmation email and any follow up communication will be sent.

*Confirm Email (Required)

This is where your confirmation email and any follow up communication will be sent.

*Billing Address (Required)

Please provide your street address.

*Billing - City, State, Zip (Required)



High resolution, color image required. Email to: publisher (
(Replace ( with the @ symbol.)
Title your email: PHOTO FOR NEW DIRECTORY LISTING - Your Name / Business Name


Input This Code Below: captcha CASE SENSITIVE!



Before you click the Submit & Pay button below:
• Please have your credit card ready to make your $25 deposit.
• When you click on the Submit & Pay button below, you will be taken to our payment page at (You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal.)


• Please make sure the name on your PayPal payment submission matches the contact information above so we can attach the payment to your submission. When you get to the payment page, the amount will show as zero or be blank. Please enter $25 in the Order Summary section where it says "item price / price per item".
• Then click UPDATE and then follow the instructions to complete the payment process.
• Unpaid submissions will not be printed.
• Paypal is only used for initial payments made with submission.

If you need help – contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.
~Thank you.

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