Storybook Classic, Three Little Pigs, Comes to Life

Theatre Britain presents the storybook classic, Three Little Pigs, with weekend performances from November 30 to December 29, in Plano. In the form of a traditional British panto, the fairytale is told in the style of a melodrama, with wacky characters, songs, dances and corny jokes that encourage audience participation.

The tale begins as the little pigs are turned out of the homestead by Mrs. Slightly Dotty. She sends them out armed with a twig, some straw and a brick to the local Building Department to get the necessary permits to build their own home. Things begin to look bleak when they encounter Wily Wolf It Down and her sidekicks Huff and Puff.

A panto is a creative way to entertain families, especially children, engage the audience through interaction with the characters on stage, encouraging them to cheer, enlisting their help to support good characters and to boo and hiss the mean and nasty villain whenever possible. The message of good trumping evil, along with the intermingling of characters and audience through sing-alongs and banter, encourages adults to participate and enjoy the plot as well.

Location: 1517 H Ave., The Cox Building Playhouse, Plano. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 972-490-4202 or visit


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