Star Coyote Sound Temple Provides a Healing Heaven

Star Coyote Sound Temple Provides a Healing Heaven - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthStar Coyote Sound Healing, in Plano, exists in a quiet residential neighborhood. The lower level of the center is a wide, open area with beautiful hardwood floors, perfect for yoga, tai chi and echoing the tones emitted from gongs, drums and didgeridoos. The space is warm; a welcoming environment that offers a safe space for clients, students and guests to learn, grow, relax, heal and enjoy the fellowship of other like-minded people.



Jodi Roberts, the owner and founder of Star Coyote Sound Healing, in Plano, is an anthropologist by trade. Her passion for creative expression and healing through art and music began almost 30 years ago. After taking an Artist’s Way class, Roberts discovered her artist within and began shamanic healing studies that eventually led to drumming and playing Tibetan bowls and gongs and creating the Star Coyote Sound Temple (SCST).

SCST offers classes and workshops for all ages. Ongoing events such as community open houses, drumming circles, concerts, mindful meditation, tai chi, yoga, sacred dance and more occur regularly. Private and group healing sessions are available.

Roberts offers sound healing, a complementary therapy using music, instruments and/or voice to create enhanced states of physical, emotionaland mental well-being, relieve stressand trauma, and encourage the body to release chemicals and brain signals that make muscles and organs slow downand increase blood flow to the brain.She states, “Quantum physics teaches usthat everything vibrates. Sound healing brings the vibrations into harmony and resonance with peace, relaxation, clear thinking and deep breathing.”

Kris Sands offers a different kind of treatment, and explains, “Healing Touch energy therapy is a holistic modality in which practitioners uses their hands like magnets to help release stress, trauma, pain, and anxiety froma person’s or animal’s energy field. This helps the client heal him or herself and increase a sense of relaxation and well-being. Training for Healing Touch therapy takes more than four years and is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies and strictly regulated and monitored by Healing Touch officials in San Antonio for efficacy and ethical standards.” Other offerings at SCST include

Edward Henderson, drumming circles, lessons and team-building events; Andy McDonald, yoga and meditation instructor; Veronica Valles, spiritual coach and photographer; Sara Willerson, equine-facilitated psychotherapy sessions for children and adults; Steve Daniel, didgeridoo musician and craftsman; and Standley Johnson, martial arts and Lomi Lomi massage. Roberts spent 10 years traveling

Texas and the Southwest giving sacred sound concerts and healing sessions in venues such as the Crow Collection of Asian Art, the Rothko Chapel, the Texas Children’s Hospital, Fort Hood and the Cave Without a Name.

“We offer a safe space of peace, mindful communication, creativity, relaxation, fun, joy and health,” says Roberts. “Our collaborators offer many ways to achieve balance, relaxation, joy, harmony and a connection to spirit in ways that are respectful and in alignment with each client’s religious tradition or belief. The alchemy of sacred art and healing creates the invitation for participants and guests and clients to know their self in a deeper way.”

Star Coyote Sound Healing is located in a private residence near Parker and Custer, in Plano. For more information or to book a session, call 512-788-1236 or visit

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