Specialized Care for Eating Disorders & Obesity

The government reports that eight million Americans have an eating disorder—one in 200 women suffers from anorexia and three in 100 women suffer from bulimia. Initially regarded as a female issue, eating disorders affect men in much the same way as females, with 12 to 15 percent of people with anorexia or bulimia being male. Most eating disorders and obesity issues result from the complex interaction of genetic, behavioral, psychological, emotional and social factors.

Kip Watson, a licensed professional counselor and certified personal trainer at Frisco Counseling and Wellness, in Frisco, specializes in the care of those dealing with eating disorders and obesity.

Watson utilizes a combination of techniques that not only addresses problematic behavior and beliefs but also deals with the root sources and motivations.

Understanding there must be a change in motives in order for people to find lasting results, Watson mentors clients to restructure these desires, providing a more stable and satisfying lifestyle with food and weight.

Watson takes it outside the office to the real world, helping clients deal with practical life situations. She holds group sessions at local dining establishments to show clients how to navigate a menu and ask for appropriate options. Her program teaches practical applications and provides simple tools for solving other common challenges such as menu planning, grocery shopping, and nutritional choices when traveling. Her goal is to help clients create lifestyles that work regardless of the time of year or where they may be traveling.

Watson, a certified trainer, understands exercise is another important component when addressing eating conflicts and weight issues. She coaches clients through a variety of workout methods to help them build a foundation of tools to create a lifestyle that works for a lifetime. “When it comes to diet, body image and weight control, there’s no quick fix,” says Watson. “It’s really about a no-excuse commitment to learn and implement the keys to a healthy and natural lifestyle that works for the rest of your life.”

Kip Watson is the owner of NeuroSport, located at 6842 Lebanon Rd., Ste 103, in Frisco and is the Chair of Mayor Maso’s Be Fit Frisco wellness committee. For more information, call 972-380-1842 or visit BeachbodyCoach.com/KipFit.

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