Sky Redhawk Expresses an Inner Melody

as-sky-redhawk-hold-flute-nsslide3-adjby Robert Dean

Sky Redhawk as born in Wambli, South Dakota, as a child of the Lakota and Apache nations He explains that he is “69 winters now” and has been living in New Mexico for 35 years. Redhawk says that opening his gallery, Native Sounds, was an unexpected gift from spirit and a Santa Fe merchant.

In addition to running the gallery, Redhawk has released CDs of his flute music and posted lessons on YouTube to help new players. “I played the drum, but I don’t read music; I never could master the guitar, so I never thought I could play the flute, either,” he says. “But on my 50th birthday, something said to pick up the flute, and when I did, I felt an immediate connection to it.”

Redhawk explains that the Native American flute is a very individual instrument. He says that all he needed to do was learn a few basic techniques through which he came to understand the flute, and from there began his journey playing the songs he was meant to play and coming to greater understanding of the instrument and all that it can do.

“Because there is no written music involved, the music you play comes from spirit through you, and when you’ve mastered a few basic techniques such as breath and basic fingering, the soft, mellow tones bring peace to you while you play and to all within the hearing circle.”

Native Sounds is located at 228 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM. For more information connect with Sky Redhawk at 505-983-2897, or visit to hear Redhawk’s flute.

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