Robert Muller School Renamed The Living Ethics School

The Robert Muller School, founded in 1986 by Vicki Johnston and dedicated to restoring childhood to children through natural learning, has changed its name to The Living Ethics School, which she feels aligns more closely with that of its parent organization, the nonprofit Center for Living Ethics. The next monthly Tea, Talk and Tour, where families of current and prospective students can learn more about the philosophy, curriculum and relationships, tour the facility and grounds and connect with other likeminded parents and families, will be held on September 14. Robert Muller articulated Four Harmonies, including The Miracle of Individual Life; The Human Family; Our Planetary Home and Place in the Cosmos; and Our Place in Time. These harmonies interweave living/learning relationships at the Living Ethics School to promote heart connections in sync with wholebrain intelligence. The full stature of intelligent, competent, adulthood emerges from the fullest expression of childhood. This is the goal and essence learning at the Living Ethics School.

Location: 340 Country Club Rd., Fairview, TX. For more information, call Johnston at 214-544-8338, or visit

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