Roanoke Offers Round-The-Clock Anonymous Drug Disposal

nb_Drug Disposal Unit  - Roanoke-adjThe Roanoke Police Department is maintaining a drug collection unit in the lobby of the police station located at 609 Dallas Drive. Unwanted and expired medications can be anonymously disposed of at any time at no cost. Accepted in the drug collection unit are medications for pets, over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, prescription ointments, prescription patches, sample medications and vaccines. Sandra Pettigrew, a detective with the Roanoke Police Department, suggests, “Protect our kids, families and environment by properly disposing of your unwanted and expired medicines. Medicines in the home are a leading cause of accidental poisoning, and flushed or trashed medicines can end up polluting our waters. Rates of prescription drug abuse are alarmingly high—over half of teens abusing medicines get them from a family member or friend, including the home medicine cabinet, and often without their knowledge.”

For more information call 817-491-6052 or visit

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