Reducing the Impact of Injury Naturally; by Dr. Shawn Messonnier

While seeking emergency care from a holistic veterinarian is important, in some instances the emergency may not be serious and can be handled with a properly prepared first-aid kit crafted with pet-specific items. It should be kept at home with another in the car, especially if there are plans to travel or enjoy outdoor sports with the pet. Impact of injury.

Think of first-aid as something for a minor problem or as a temporary fix to stop bleeding or decontaminate the pet before taking it to the doctor. The most important thing is to follow up with a vet and check if there is a serious problem.

Silver nitrate sticks are a good addition to any first-aid kit to use when nails are clipped too short. While cornstarch can work effectively, it can be messy and doesn’t work as well as silver nitrate.

Karo syrup and honey are great for smaller breeds of dogs that may develop low blood sugar, as well as diabetics that may experience insulin overdose. Sugar, applied topically, does inhibit bacterial infection in some wounds, but caution should be used because sugar might encourage more licking of the wound that may complicate healing. Simply cleaning the wound with soap and water may be best.

Be sure to notify the veterinarian of the problem as soon as possible, in case the pet needs to be seen. The earlier and more aggressively a patient is treated, the more likely it is that the pet requires less treatment, resulting in quicker healing and less expense. Acknowledging real emergencies can be very expensive, especially if they occur when the doctor’s office is closed, most pet parents should strongly consider pet insurance.

Shawn Messonnier is a natural and holistic doctor of veterinary medicine and owner of Paws & Claws Pet Hospital, in Plano. Contact him at 972-867-8800 or


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