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by Charles Lewis

Laura Precourt, owner of ReClaim Health, a functional medicine practice dedicated to educating patients about how to take responsibility for their own health, says, “We encourage people to invest in themselves and show that living a clean lifestyle does not have to be bland, boring or hard. I work with people who are ready to acknowledge that doctors (including me) don’t really heal people, that the human body heals itself; but it can only do that if it’s given optimal working conditions, and that’s where education, self-reliance and mentoring come in. That’s why the focus of my practice is to teach people how to reclaim their own health.”

Many of Precourt’s clients are people that have gotten sick and tired of one drug after another and recognize the medical model is broken because it is not designed to re-build health. She also works with moms that want to get their family healthy and keep them healthy. Precourt states, “The human body heals itself with time and the right tools.” In her practice, she explains how individuals create or damage an optimal healing environment every day with the choices they make, so she utilizes a variety of tools to help patients alleviate symptoms, rebuild and repair the damage and avoid surgeries. Her modalities include detoxification therapies, laser and infrared technology, biofeedback, allergy elimination techniques, acupressure, scar treatments, and spinal decompression programs. If needed, she offers homeopathic, herbal, and whole food nutrition in order to aid the body.

After witnessing her own mother’s struggle with illness, “I had to become the doctor my mom never had.” says Precourt. She became a paramedic, an EMT, a medical assistant and worked in endoscopy, family practice and then internal medicine. She investigated chiropractic and earned a bachelor’s degree in anatomy, and a doctorate in chiropractic. In 2003, she opened her practice in Plano called Chiropractic Solutions.

Things were great, but she says “After 10 years of practice, I realized that the key to patient’s success was to stop having patients depend on me and for me to start educating them on how to reclaim their health. That’s why I created a step-by-step curriculum to teach people how to get their health back by addressing how to detoxify the body, educate on proper nutrition and exercise, balance hormones and calm our overstressed nervous system. I changed the business name to align with my mission, and that’s why it’s called ReClaim Health.”

She says, “On the surface, reclaiming health sounds simple, but it’s a profound paradigm shift for many. We have generations now who have been taught to depend on drugs for wellness, even though we have used food and natural remedies in order to achieve health for thousands of years. Sadly, in the last 100 years or so, it seems that choosing to do something the natural way is considered ‘alternative’ and prescription drug seeking is now seen as mainstream. We have to understand that anything we put into our system that is not a nutrient becomes a negative stress to the body that now has to be processed and eliminated.”

“My passion to experience ultimate health is what keeps me going. I am fighting for society by fighting the pervading notion that illness and physical ailments are just a part of getting older and that medications are the only answer. This is simply just not true”, says Precourt. “Medical expenses are the number one cause of senior citizen bankruptcy today and we have more diseases than ever. The medication model is just not working. The healthcare system is broken, and is time for us to get educated, take action and depend on ourselves. Investing in our health now will save us thousands of dollars in the future.”

ReClaim Health is located at 2237 W. Parker Rd., Ste. F, in Plano. For appointments, call 972-943-9355. For more information, visit

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