Random Acts of Kindness All Week Long

RAKF_B_Stacked-adj-grayRandom Acts of Kindness Week will be observed from February 14 through 20 as an opportunity to make kindness the norm instead of the exception. Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated on February 17. Schools, communities and individuals are all invited to take action.

The acts can be as simple as sincerely complimenting the first three people we talk to or surprising coworkers with treats. Or, it may mean buying lunch for a homeless person or mowing a neighbor’s lawn.

The internationally recognized nonprofit Random Acts of Kindness Foundation was established in 1995, and is currently headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

To view kindness videos, quotes, and a list of 15 ways to spread kindness, along with real-time reports from around the world, visit RandomActsOfKindness.org.

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