Pure Organic Luxury for the Skin

nb_phyts-adjPhyt’s Organic Skin Care Spa, in Frisco, is devoted to the specific skin care needs of both women and men. Specializing in Certified Organic facial and body treatments, they believe nature is the origin of effective skin care. Each product contains an active complex synergy of plant extracts, essential and carrier oils, vitamins and trace minerals in carefully selected formulas specifically designed to treat, nourish and strengthen the skin on a therapeutic level.

With a passion for the environ- ment and natural and organic integrity, Laboratories Phyt’s has been creating world class therapeutic Spa products for more than 44 years without chemicals or animal testing. “There has never been any synthetic chemicals used in Phyt’s products or any animal testing done at any stage,” says Kathy Angiolet, exclusive Distributor of Phyt’s in the United States. All products are made in France and Certified Organic to the stringent Cosmebio standard by Qualité France.

All Phyt’s products contain 100 percent natural ingredients, with no synthetic preservatives or artificial fragrances, synthetic coloring agents or petrochemicals. Paraben and GMO-free, Phyt’s Certified Organic Skin Care and Makeup products are available at the spa and online.

Location: 10050 Legacy Dr., Ste. 204, Frisco, within City Salon Suites & Spa. For purchases and more information, call 469-404-2914 or visit PhytsOrganicSpa.com.

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