Protect Hair From Summertime Stress

KP Brasher of Hair Color Studios in Frisco TXsubmitted by KP brasher
The climate at this time of the year in North Texas takes a toll on hair, due to excess heat, humidity, exposure  to sun and chlorine found in swimming pools. The primary components of hair fiber, keratins (proteins) and melanin (color) are hair's natural shields against ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays.

Too much exposure to the sun can cause keratin to break down, leaving hair dried-out, discolored, dull and damaged, with the hair breaks we know as split ends. The best approach is to prepare hair before going outside or into the pool or ocean using an old lifeguard trick: wet hair either with tap or spring (bottled) water before swimming. By wetting the hair, dulling chlorine and saltwater can’t permeate the hair membrane and damage the hair follicles. Carry a bottle in a beach tote to wet hair throughout the day in order to prevent the effects of keratin degeneration.

KP Brasher is the owner of Hair Color Studios, in Frisco, a salon that addresses hair needs with natural extracts and organic  products that protect and build a healthy hair structure. 214-436-4955

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