Proper Care and Feeding of the Prostate Gland

Proper Care and Feeding of the Prostate Gland - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthAccording to Traditional Chinese Medicine, after middle age, men’s vital energy in the kidney system decreases, resulting in the disturbance of sex hormones. This process also decreases sexual energy, which affects the function of the prostate and the circulation in this region.



The prostate is a single, doughnut shaped gland about the size of a walnut that lies below the bladder and surrounds the male urethra. It secretes a thin, milky, alkaline fluid that increases sperm motility and lubricates the urethra to prevent infection. Prostate secretions are extremely important to successful fertilization of the egg.

Benign (nonmalignant) enlargement of the prostate gland is known medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Because an enlarged prostate can affect the flow of urine, BPH is characterized by symptoms of bladder obstruction such as increased urinary frequency, nighttime awakening to empty the bladder and reduced speed of flow of urination.

BPH is an extremely common condition; current estimates are that it affects more than 50 percent of men during their lifetime. The frequency increases with advancing age, from approximately 5 to 10 percent at age 30to more than 90 percent in men over 85 years of age.

BPH is basically the result of degeneration, specifically hormonal changes associated with aging. These changes within the prostate reflect the many significant changes in androgens, estrogen and pituitary hormone levels in aging men. Levels of the main male sex hormone, testosterone, decreases with advancing age. The other main cause, toxicity, especially free radicals, increases as people age; free radicals can cause many damages to our body, BPH is only one of them.

Paramount to an effective BPH treatment plan is adequate zinc intake and absorption. Cholesterol damaged by free radicals is particularly toxic and carcinogenic to the prostate. Increased consumption of soy and soy foods is associated with a decrease in the risk of getting prostate cancer and may help in treating BPH.

In China, plant-based medicines are the most popular prescriptions for BPH. Saw palmetto extract and other herbal approaches to BPH are most effective in mild to moderate cases. Alternative treatments for BPH include acupuncture; herbs such as saw palmetto extract and other Chinese herbs; and supplements, mainly antioxidants, to remove free radicals from the body.

Diet appears to play a critical role in the health of the prostate gland. It is particularly important to avoid pesticides, increase intake of zinc and essential fatty acids such asomega-3 and keep cholesterol levels below 200 milligrams per deciliter. Regular massage some acupuncture points will improve the circulation and energy in the prostate. This is capable of preventing and improving the disorder of prostate gland.

Zhanping Lu, DC, M.D. (China), is a boardcertified acupuncturist practicing at New Star Chiropractic & Acupuncture Wellness Center, in Plano. Contact him at

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