Pre-Injury Brain Test Can Aid in Post-Injury Healing

BP-InteractiveMetronome-ReadingExercise-20140708_115803-adjThe Get Your Head In the Game (GHG), Interactive Metronome (IM) training center helps clients of all ages that are feeling behind or want to perform better in school, on the job, at home, on the sports field or even in social situations. In use since 1994 to help students with learning challenges, it was discovered by sports trainers, educators, physical, occupational and speech therapists and other brain-body, performance-focused businesses to help their clients.

According to Robin Bollinger, owner of GHG, notable sports entities that have used IM include PGA golfers Tiger Woods, Glen Day and Vijay Singh; NFL and collegiate Football players and trainers from the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears and Notre Dame, plus NBA basketball players from the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns.

IM training is a program created to test and train the brain-body to maximize speed, balance, agility, coordination, concentration and the rate at which information is processed during a conversation or other thought-related situations. It can also help the brain and body build new pathways and workarounds after an injury.

During testing and training, GHG training center uses specialized hardware held in the hands or touching the feet, and computer software signals the client to take a particular action. Sessions involve hand, body and foot responses to visual and sound stimuli (often including special background noise and audio distractions that must be ignored). With repetition, the IM system gathers data and strengthens pathways throughout the brain-body network, working different sides to embed lasting results.

In addition to helping improve performance, Bollinger says, “IM is a wonderful tool to have in the event of concussion or other brain trauma. Without such a pre-injury report, doctors, parents and patients have no quantifiable way to note the degree of damage to processing centers and pathways nor to gauge the degree of recovery. IM training not only trains the brain-body by measuring responses, but during training, it is able to measure and record the rate to which the brain-body corrects after missing a cue. This measurement is very valuable in helping trainers understand where addition- al work is needed.”

While IM is most often associated with physical and mental the im- provement, it also gives athletes, students and adults improved concentration, self-control, physical speed and agility, Bollinger notes that IM has also had great success with individuals recovering from TBI and stroke.

For more information or to schedule an assessment, call Robin Bollinger at 214-693-9601.

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