Practitioner Profile: Dr. Laura Precourt, DC, PScD

nb_thyroid-seminar-laura-precourt-reclaim-health-rzdup-adj-fuzzyLaura Precourt, DC, PScD
ReClaim Health
2237 West Parker Road, Suite F, Plano, 75023
972-943-9355 •

Laura Precourt graduated from Parker University with a bachelor’s degree in anatomy and a doctorate in chiropractic. She has studied chemistry, functional endocrinology, functional blood chemistry, advanced clinical nutrition and is certified in Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques. “I never beat around the bush with people, but rather give them the respect to tell them my professional opinion. I believe that each patient should be in control of their bodies and their treatments, so I feel it is my duty to inform and educate them in that goal.”

“Functional and naturopathic medicine can help just about anyone off the street,” says Precourt. “Everyone can benefit from having less medication and taking a more holistic approach to their health. Unfortunately, acute and chronic conditions are what I usually see, as many patients only search out what they consider to be ‘alternative medicines’ once conventional methods have failed. Mainly I am referred by other patients, doctors, and therapists who have tried everything else for their patients and their patients tell me that I am their last hope.”

Precourt always wanted to be the doctor her mother never had, saying, “She lived in bed, had 18 surgeries and was on numerous medications, and still did not have any quality of life. Trying to save my mother, I learned how to make changes in my lifestyle and ended up eliminating eight medications that I was on and reversed IBS, PCOS, anxiety, depression, thyroid disorder, tachycardia and insomnia!”
Precourt specializes in eliminating allergies, skin conditions, brain trauma, blood sugar and thyroid disorders, weight loss, bulging discs, digestive problems of all types, scar treatments and pain. “The body has an amazing ability to heal itself of all types of disorders,” she says. “We simply aid the natural processes and the results are a wide variety of successes.”

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