pH Balanced Water Important for Healthy Skin

by Vicki Knutson

While many factors, from genetics to stress, play a role in the aging process, body hydration may not  immediately come to mind. Because every cell in the body is comprised mainly of water, maintaining an  equilibrium is key to optimal health. Dehydration limits the body’s ability to produce new, healthy, vibrant cells,  so processed foods, dehydrating energy drinks and caffeine all fuel the aging process. Intake of pH balanced  (non-acidic), ionized (for free radical protection) microclustered water maximizes hydration.

Microclustering breaks up water molecules so they can pass through cell walls to deliver nutrition and remove debris. High-quality water also helps prevent acidosis—excessive acid accumulation in the body that can lead to  kidney stones, acid reflux and gout. Acidic bodies also have difficulty healing and the proper water can help by acting like a free radical scavenger and antioxidant. Surprisingly, skin scans reveal that many people are chronically dehydrated. Because skin is a reflection of internal health, it is important for every cell to receive pH balanced water and stay hydrated, rested and nutritionally sound, enabling the body to achieve optimal performance.

Vicki Knutson is a molecular hydration specialist, licensed esthetician and owner of LED Skin Care Center, in Plano. For more information, call 214-587-3786.

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