Pathfinders Fun Cycling Open to All

Pathfinders Fun Cycling, a free, non-competitive riding group for all cycling skill levels, leads short, weekly bicycle rides for the purpose of fun and exercise. All rides are held on the weekend, less than 20 miles and include a food destination and a “no rider left behind” policy.

Routes and destinations change each week, always using the safest paved routes, with a focus on avoiding roads with passing cars. Paved inland trails, bike lanes, residential streets and sidewalks are incorporated into each route selection. Groups range between 15 to 20 riders, usually split equally between male and female riders.

Each week, subscribers receive an email with ride information and upcoming events. Although Pathfinders Fun Cycling is based in the Flower Mound region, route selections are not confined to that area, and riders from other communities are encouraged to join in. Group leader Mark Solow, says, “Our most famous rider is my dog, Roxy. She has ridden over 2,000 miles and been in three rallies.”

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