Pain Relief Techiques are Varied and Plentiful

Chiropractic pain-relieving techniques should be customized to the individual patient’s needs, using a wide variety of options that include therapeutic modalities, adjustments, massage therapy and the treatment of stress or fatigue. In addition to various activator and diversified techniques, a drop table may be used as low-force alternative to more aggressive adjustments.

In this type of adjustment, the patient lies on a special table that consists of a drop piece that rises a few inches.

When the chiropractor applies pressure, the table drops down from this position and allows for a lighter adjustment without the twisting that may accompany a manual adjustment. This works especially well on lumbar and pelvic problems and can be combined with massage throughout the session to decrease pain levels and increase functions.

Other tools a practitioner may have at their disposal to alleviate a client’s pain depend on the patient’s needs, but include massage, electrical muscle stimulation, heat and ultrasound. Some patients benefit as much or more from soft tissue treatment as from adjustments, because treatment of the soft tissue supporting the skeletal system is just as vital. Without addressing the soft tissue, the joints are likely to regress more quickly to their pre-adjustment state.

In an overstressed society, it becomes even more important to take the time to relax and decompress, thereby helping bring the body back into alignment and health. The tools of chiropractic care, including massage, can create a reduction in stress levels and improve overall function. As a proactive or preventive measure, regular massage and chiropractic care can help ensure overall health and well-being, allowing the body to perform at an optimum level.

Most doctors of chiropractic have a number of applications in their toolbox with which to address and relieve a patient’s source of chronic pain. A vitally important piece of the puzzle is to find a practitioner that the individual is comfortable working with, and that takes the appropriate time to address individual needs, including the use of techniques that help the body heal.

Amy St. John is a doctor of chiropractic and licensed massage therapist, specializing in treating the whole body; muscular and skeletal at once. Connect at Serendipity Health & Wellness in Plano, at 214-801-0741 or visit

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