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Outside Investment Advisors Provides Peace of Mind - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthWendell Brock, owner of Outside Investment Advisors, holds an MBA and a BS in family financial planning and counseling, is a chartered financial consultant, and has been helping people reach their financial goals for 26 years. He says, “I love to see people succeed financially.”



Brock explains his four basic steps to providing services to clients. The first step is to gather information about the client, including their family dynamics and business details, to best understand and serve their goals, challenges, problems and lifestyle issues. Next, Outside Investment Advisors creates a custom roadmap outlining a clear course of action. Thirdly, they present these finding to the client and create a to-do list from the recommendations. Finally, they work together on implementing the actions in the order the client feels comfortable.

Generally in the first 12 to 24 months, the client begins to see financial progress; during this time period, Brock and his team monitor and work to help them stay on track, because many financial goals are long-term. Regular annual or semi-annual meetings are scheduled to maintain the course and monitor any changes or developments that may arise.

“Our clients are small business owners and professionals, as well as individuals. We are happy to assist anyone who is interested in reaching their financial goals and obtaining greater peace of mind and financial security,” says Brock. “People experiencing life changing events such as a career change, childbirth, marriage, divorce or death of a loved one may also benefit. Typically, these people need some positive guidance to help with the financial transition from their past their new future.”

Brock explains that in the financial world, things can get very complicated, so they work to make things clear and understandable for clients. “We have found when our clients understand finances and investments, they are able to implement strategies and make great progress in reaching their goals. We help our clients gain confidence in their financial decisions.

“We specialize in a comprehensive, or holistic, approach to helping people make reaching their goals a reality in the areas of investments and portfolio management, income tax planning, debt elimination, budgeting and cash flow management, risk management and insurance, retirement planning, caring for elderly parents, and estate planning, all with the end goal of people efficient with their money and achieving financial peace of mind.”

Outside Investment Advisors is located in McKinney. For more information, call 214-937-9905 or visit outsideia.com.

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