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Lauren Yeager

Lauren Yeager
8105 Rasor Boulevard, Suite 315, Plano
469-438-9893 •

Lauren Yeager graduated from the Aveda Institute of Esthetics, in Indianapolis, and ISSN Skincare, in Atlanta, and participated in continuing education courses for eight years. After becoming aware of the dangers of chemically created skincare products, she embraced a holistic-minded, organic approach to skin care.

“Your skin is a sponge; within 26 seconds, the products you apply to your skin absorb into your bloodstream,” she states. “Just consider what your products are doing to your body over time, let alone your skin.” Because skin is our largest organ, she realizes that we shouldn’t be putting anything on our skin that we couldn’t eat. Yeager is excited to continue her education and share it with others.

She offers handmade organic, vegan, holistic, edible skin care and body care items; everything in the shop is edible, and Yeager also does organic microdermabrasion and enzyme peels. “When I say everything is edible, I mean it, from my hair removal process to my skin care beliefs and techniques. Organic is so important to me because I know the source of where it is made or grown is pure,” she says.

Yeager enjoys seeing her clients’ results and how pleased they are. She says that the feeling of lifting another individual’s spirits up by helping them look good and feel their best gives her happiness and peace of mind.

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