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Kirsten Joy Burch

Kirsten Joy Burch

By Charles Lewis

Living Yoga Dallas is a place where people can go to find events, studios and instructors in their area or a particular style of yoga. They also bring the masters and big names in yoga, meditation and ayurveda to the metroplex, so people don’t have to travel. Owner Kirsten Joy Burch says, “Living Yoga Dallas provides a method for me to support the benefits of yoga, meditation and ayurveda, giving DFW the tools to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.”

Living Yoga Dallas is first of its kind. It’s not a brick-and-mortar establishment for yoga, but an online community where teachers, wellness providers, studios and yoga-related businesses come to share their story, find each other and learn from each other.

Burch previously worked in the software industry and at Southern Methodist University in the development/alumni relations department. After the death of her husband, she focused full-time on studying and practicing yoga, meditation and ayurveda.

“Over the years, it has continued to change in order to meet the needs of the evolving yogi by highlighting events for ongoing education and providing a list of teacher trainings in the area or retreats for rejuvenation yogi-style,” she notes. “As time marches on, it is being modified to allow teachers and instructors to share their vision and passion more easily with a tech-savvy generation, making the benefits of yoga and meditation more accessible to everyone.

For more information, call or text 972-740-8104 or sign up for the newsletter at

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