New All-Natural Veterinary Supplements for Pets

crg-hol vet-adjDr. Shawn Messonnier, owner of Paws & Claws Holistic Animal Hospital, in Plano, is adding several new safe and effective products to Dr. Shawn Naturals, his line of all-natural pet supplements. He says, “Dr. Shawn’s Megajoint is a complete joint supplement for dogs and cats with joint disease, arthritis, disk disease and bladder disease. It is also recommended for large breed puppies to minimize joint stress.

The Advanced Revitalizing Formula is available as a daily supplement to balance a pet’s diet and provide a full range of vitamins and minerals, as well as promote fresh breath. Scoot No More is an all-natural supplement to minimize anal sac and anal gland disorders and promote normal, healthy bowel movements. Antioxidant Formula is a potent, complete herbal formula designed to control oxidative cell damage and inflammation for pets with any medical problem.

Dr. Messonnier is a holistic and integrative veterinarian. Products are available on-site for purchase at 2145 W. Park Blvd., in Plano, online at and at select local pet stores For more information, call 972-867-8800.

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