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Many of the insects we find around our home are actually beneficial and help maintain balance in our environment, however, everyone has their own level of insect tolerance, and even beneficial insects can become a nuisance when they invade our homes. Through use of natural products and processes, Natural Pest Solutions eliminates bugs

and pest without the use of harsh chemicals that may be as harmful to families and the environment as to the bugs themselves.

Every home and pest infestation is different and presents unique opportunities, so Natural Pest Solutions begins with a thorough pest inspection of the home; inside and out. A licensed technician evaluates the pest problem to identify and develop a multi-pronged strategy to remove the problem using the most effective and safest method, without putting harmful chemicals into the home environment. “Our intent is to minimize any negative impact to our environment and to prevent future infestations,” says owner Ed Arnold. “This often includes altering the environment to make your home less inviting to the pests.”

The first step after inspection is to change the attributes of the home and property to make household pests unwelcome, while protecting and encouraging beneficial insects. During the inspection, the technician will look to reduce or remove harborage for pests—places  here they find shelter and hide. This could be as simple as moving a firewood pile off the soil and away from the home, clearing away landscaping around the foundation of the house or the removal of clutter within or outside of the residency.

Secondly, the technician looks for ways to physically exclude pests from entering the home through openings, cracks and crevices that can be repaired with expanding foam, caulk or weatherizing techniques. If a home is already infested, pesticide treatments are usually required. “We have two rules about what we’ll use,” says Arnold. “It must be derived from natural sources, and it must be absolutely safe.”

“If a customer has an outrageous ant problem, we can spray, but that’s a Band-Aid,” says Arnold. “We educate customers on biological control, encouraging them to install companion plants that repel pests and attract and keep beneficial predators and pollinators. Planting chives, peppermint and spearmint will repel aphids and in turn, ants,” he says. Many common ornamental plants attract unwanted pests that can be corrected by companion plants such as lemongrass, spearmint chives, marigolds, society garlic, radishes and rosemary. “After working with us, many insect problems are eliminated at the source” says Arnold.

Even though Natural Pest Solutions’ natural products may cost more initially, they remain competitively priced because the company monitors and treats only what needs to be treated. The concept of integrative pest management arose from commercial agriculture practices that proved to actually save money in the long run.

Natural Pest Solutions offers plans ranging from a single pest visit without a maintence plan to general pest plans with quarterly treatments. Natural treatment options are also available for mosquito control, with the MistAway Outdoor Insect Control System that uses natural or botanical products, and the control of bedbugs, which are one of the hardest pests to eliminate. “We feel it’s important to educate others on natural, practical solutions to protect their investment and family.”

For more information or to schedule a free home pest inspection, call 214-763-2758 or visit

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