Learn to Live Well at Natural HealthFest 2014

Now in its fifth year, Natural HealthFest will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 29, at the Plano Centre. Created and produced by Healthy by Nature, a nationally syndicated radio show hosted by Martie Whittekin, CCN (certified clinical nutritionist), author and media veteran. 

Natural HealthFest is a unique, one-day wellness event that combines the best of nutrition and natural medicine with the best of science.

Renowned experts will teach new ways to optimize health and wellness, increase energy and improve memory and mood with safe, natural methods. The event benefits all levels, from the newly health-conscious to seasoned authorities.

More than 100 exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge health equipment and services, as well as gluten-free products, supplements, innovations in wellness, free screenings, numerous health modalities, skin care, natural foods and product samples. Just as producers do with the radio show sponsors, they set high standards for exhibitors in order to show attendees the best products, services and practitioners in each category. Exhibitors must be of high integrity with fair, consumer-focused and nondiscriminatory business practices. The tone of the event is educational.

Whittekin will be broadcasting Healthy by Nature live from the event from 8 to 9 a.m. As always, she is anxious to get the word out to her listeners and beyond. “The Natural HealthFest has the potential to be life-changing,” says Whittekin. “We’ve got more than 15 seminars from well-known experts who we’ve hand selected. They will cover topics like bioidentical hormones, non-surgical pain treatments, chronic fatigue, essential oils, organic gardening, brain balance for kids, nutrition, healthy memory and more. No two topics will be the same.”

Doug Kaufmann, host of the privately syndicated, national television show, Know the Cause, will be the keynote speaker. Whittekin says his discussion will be an important one. “Health is a natural state,” she explains. “We have what our body needs for optimum function, but it’s important that we don’t annoy it with an excess of things it can’t handle, such as stress, drugs, smoking, etc. Kaufmann will share what people need to know about these underlying causes.”

Plenty of prizes, most of which are donated by exhibitors, will be handed out to lucky attendees. The underlying goal of the event, notes Whittekin, is to educate people and help them make informed  decisions about their health. That’s what gave her the idea for Natural HealthFest. She explains that, while entertaining in the process, Healthy by Nature radio show aims to educate with responsible sciencebased information and empower listeners to choose a healthful path leading to family wellness, abundant energy and a bright outlook.

“We had so much information and so many terrific guests with good intentions, but only one hour each week,” she states. “We wanted to provide more opportunities for our listeners to learn, so we came up with this idea of having a day of speakers.” Since its inception, the HealthFest has grown tremendously.

The first year, the event took place at a hotel and featured about 15 exhibitors, most of whom were sponsors of the radio show. The following year, not only did the number of exhibitors grow, but so did the space. It moved to its current location at the convention center the following year, where it’s continues to expand. Ultimately, Whittekin says the goal is simply to continue making it better and better, year after year.

“It’s really about substance over flash,” she explains. “We’ve had celebrities, but that’s not the heart of what we do. People want to make sure they see exhibitors, so we stopped the big seminars and now hold most of the lectures in the exhibit hall.”

For her, the event is an extension of her own mission to arm, educate and motivate individuals to take  charge and be the best version of themselves. “At the end of the day, I’ll feel better if I know they’ve made an informed choice,” she notes. Whether individuals want to optimize their good health, solve a chronic complaint or even fight a life-threatening illness, Natural HealthFest’s talks and exhibits are a tremendous resource.

Cost: $8 in advance online, $10 at the door. Location: 2000 E. Spring Creek Pkwy., Plano. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit NaturalHealthFest.com.

Beth Davis is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings.

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