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It is amazing that the human energy system has gone unrecognized for so long, because basic science provides the understanding that everything in creation is made of energy. It’s all energy, and the human body is no exception. Just as there are molecules, atoms and their components that make up every organ, gland, fluid, tissue and system in the body; there is circulatory energy,

as well, termed by physicists as “physical energy”, and by the layperson as bio-electromagnetic energy.

Medical scientific debates have never agreed upon a physical root source for so many basic functions of the body, which are explained simply by the acknowledgment of the bio-electromagnetic energy. It is the source for what makes brain cells fire or the heart pulse, and explains many of the mysteries of how we truly function that cannot be seen under a microscope.

Medical devices to stop a heart attack in progress, like a defibrillator that has only up to a 16.3 percent success rate and is only applicable for certain type of heart attacks, have basically failed in their perceived task. From an energetic perspective, which is what the body is, a simple onestep, hands-on procedure called KI-IKI-Jitsu, helps to influence the energy circulation and has historically stopped heart attacks with a 99 percent success rate over the past 25 years.

Looking at the human body from a true energy science perspective, cardiovascular, neurological, immunological, emotional and mental functions and disorders can be understood more clearly. It can be as simple as improper circulation of this energy that is the root, or at least an unaddressed vital component, of every disorder. Pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, diet, natural supplements and exercise do not address the restoration of proper circulation of this energy system. By properly helping the energy system to function correctly, we help all other healthy lifestyle choices reap the fullest benefit.

As with anything, there are false counterparts, so learn which sources offer the true science about the body’s energy and what it can do to enhance health and life. Consult with a facility based on solid scientific background that is aligned or does not conflict with published, proven, duplicable scientific studies. Facilities that also offer health therapy and counseling in related areas such as nutrition, exercise and other natural therapeutic approaches provide additional benefit. Energy medicine is the medicine of the future, available today.

Glenn King, Ph.D., CDN, CN, is the director of the King Institute, in Carrollton, a Christian health organization that provides science-based energy treatments and instructional classes for health and healing. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 214-731-9795 or visit

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