We May Be Sabotaging Our Own Health

image_01by Laura Precourt

Our bodies are amazing systems of living tissues that operate seamlessly on their own, take care of our general health and balance. One of the most important systems is our digestive system—the gut. Seventy percent of our immune system is located in the walls of our gut, 98 percent of our neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, and 60 percent of our sex hormones are activated by healthy gut bacteria. Recent studies have even correlated intestinal bacterial imbalances with psychiatric disorders.

So many people may be suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, numerous digestive disturbances, auto-immune conditions, hormone imbalances and even thyroid dysfunction because we are making choices as a culture that strip our bodies and guts of the critical environments needed to protect us.

Our medical system is set up largely to treat symptoms of illness, rather than equip our bodies to fight for themselves. We are heading into cold and flu season, and there will be a massive amount of antibiotics administered this winter. This is an attack on the very bacteria in our gut that usually protect us from such maladies. Making wise food choices could potentially prevent us from needing those medications.

Our love affair with fast food is also killing us; not so slowly. A steady diet of fast food for as little as 10 days has been shown to “devastate” the gut, destroying as much as 40 percent of the healthy strains of bacteria that we rely on for our general well-being.

There are also a number of medications and chemicals that people take to keep from balding, whiten their teeth, control acne and even prevent dry eyes. Most of these are pharmaceuticals that have a warning list a mile long and have devastating effects that go far beyond what they were intended to cure. Statin drugs, for instance, have recently been shown to lower cholesterol in the brain, as well as the blood. That wouldn’t be a problem, except that 60 percent of our brain depends on cholesterol. The study that reported this finding concluded that there might be a correlation between this effect and both early-and late-state dementia. No study shows it prevents arterial plaque, which is the number one cause of heart disease today.

We need to go back to treating our bodies like the gardens they are, concentrating on good food, plenty of sleep, lots of pure water and sunshine, and taking responsibility for our own health. Read labels. Think. Ask questions. Know that the more effort we spend now will repay us tenfold in terms of long-term mental and physical health.

crg_laura-precourt-reclaim-health-rzdup-adj-fuzzyDr. Laura Precourt is the owner of Reclaim Health, located at 2237 W. Parker Rd., Ste. F, in Plano. For appointments, call 972-943- 9355. For more information, visit ReclaimHealthNow.com

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