Limiting Electromagnetic Exposure in a Digital Age

All living things have electromagnetic energy, which is the foundation of how our body systems function. When humans experience dysfunction in bio-electromagnatic energy circulation, challenges in our health arise. While the dangers of continuous cellphone use have received much media attention, other sources of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) and how to really avoid them are not discussed much,


because it is virtually impossible to avoid it all in our modern digital society. Holding battery or electrical devices in our hands or keeping them in our pockets, even if they are away from our heads, still adversely affects our energy circulation.

Some disruptions to our human energy circulation come from EMF and RF emitted from wired and wireless devices and appliances, electrical wiring in homes and offices, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi locations and high-voltage power lines, which often run near homes and businesses, continually radiating EMF more than 30 yards out to contaminate nearby homes. But there are also sources that occur from nature.

We can limit our exposure to these harmful frequencies by eliminating certain sources and safely minimizing others. For instance, use a cellphone’s speaker option without touching it, move electrical devices away from the body and opt for wired internet connection instead of wireless. Other helpful practices include not living near high voltage towers or electrical substations.

Individuals can assess their EMF exposure levels by using a very simple-to-use and basic tool called a Trifield Meter 100XE. These meters are relatively inexpensive and indicate where the EMF is lurking. Once the areas and sources are identified, clients often choose to make changes which range from limiting their cellphone use or how they use it, to rearranging the home and where they do certain tasks. In some more extreme circumstances, people have even chosen to move away from EMF-contaminated houses or neighborhoods and claim to have experienced health benefits from doing so.

According to the book, Bio-Electromagnetic Man, by Cyril Smith, limiting EMF and RF exposure is an important part of the path to better health, plus other factors such as diet, exercise, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is important to understand all the factors before spending time and money on things that may not apply to an individual situation or that are a placebo.

For help in understanding each situation and level of EMF/RF exposure and for guidence on how to best handle the circumstance, find a professional with years of experience in scientific approach to EMF/RF exposure that will help you learn to use a simple Trifield meter in your own home so you can begin the awareness process. There are no magic bullets; educate yourself as best as possible to make informed decisions on the best course of action.

 Glenn King, Ph.D., CDN, CN, is the director of the King Institute, in Carrollton, a Christian-based health organization that provides science-based energy treatments and instructional classes for health and healing. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 214-731-9795 or visit

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