Letter From Publisher – October 2013

Watching my son hem and haw over Halloween costumes, and then finally commit to doing a test run at home of one of them, I smiled at the innocence of his notions and thought how great it would be if that were the only tough decision he would ever face.

We adults are facing tough decisions now, and certainly his generation will face many more as they age. Among the toughest will be environmental decisions that affect the Earth, ecosystems, economies and ultimately our individual ability to thrive. Poring over the articles in this month’s edition, I was again struck by how polarized the debate is over whether or not the Earth is warming, why it may or may not be happening and what, if anything, we can or should do about it. One thing that Bill McKibben says in our article, “Easing Earth’s Rising Fever,” that does make total sense to me is that we have to learn to live more simply.

For me, that’s at the core of so much of our troubles—our perceived need for more. More stuff, bigger stuff, better stuff, stuff to improve our stuff. It seems to have no end. We’re spread so thin trying to get new stuff and maintain the stuff we have that we scarcely have time to consciously do the things that really make us happy, like having meaningful relationships, contributing to the greater good and practicing personal responsibility, self-reliance and connectedness to God. With all today’s distractions, opportunities and offerings, we must have a clear intention to focus on the things that really matter to live consciously.

Imagine a global movement toward living more simply, with greater consciousness and putting the other guy first, that affects every area of our lives, from the way we treat the environment to how we live in society. It really is at the heart of ultimately living better for all.

That’s a big part of what I love about Natural Awakenings North Texas, and I hope you do, too. Our writers bring us so much information, education and resources that can help us take baby steps (or big ones if you wish) toward living better, more simply and consciously.

This month’s features focus on the environment, how we can keep the nerves in our brainstem from becoming impinged during sleep and thereby help our overall health, how mental imagery helps us perform better and even an article discussing the human energy system and how it can affect our health or help us heal.

If you’re one of our thousands of devoted readers, I thank you for your readership and continuing support, and I wish you a path of continued improvement as you work towards better, healthier living. If you’re a new reader, I hope you find one or two ideas that can help you live better, too.

Naturally yours,

Martee’ Edwards, Publisher

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