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My mom has been struggling with health issues, and it seems she has been more in and out of the hospital the last three months than at home. Last week one of her doctors stopped in while I was visiting and we talked about what led to her vascular condition and why. The fact is that my mom has always worried more about taking care of others

than taking care of herself, forgoing personal time to exercise or moving away from homemade comfort foods until later in life.

As we discussed the challenges our family will face together during Mom’s recovery, the doctor praised us for the discipline we exhibited by consistently being there for her, but challenged us, as parents ourselves, to consider if we were doing enough to keep our own health up. He said, “As important as it is to keep harmony and balance in the family itself by respecting and loving one another, it is just as important that we try our very best to maintain our health so we do not hurt those that love and care about us, by leaving them too early. Even the simple discipline of exercising daily and eating a balanced diet of nutritious, natural foods can be a significant long-term benefit to ourselves and those around us.”

His thoughtful words conveyed such a simple yet important approach that we speak about in every edition of Natural Awakenings North Texas magazine. I agreed and felt he was preaching to the choir, until I reflected upon my recent actions and considered whether or not I truly was doing everything I knew how to stay healthy and mobile. Looking at my son and wife, I flashed back over the last several weeks and realized there was definitely more I could do to improve the status of my health, starting with a more regular and stringent exercise regimen.

I encourage you to challenge yourself and take the next step in improving your health, whether it’s simply to start eating better or exercising more. Why not take just one idea away from this magazine each month and implement it in your lifestyle. It could be a new exercise routine, detoxing your body, balancing hormone health or preventing disease or weight gain with proper diet—it will more likely produce results that positively influence you and those around you.

Your lifestyle sets an example for your children and the example they will set for their children. Just as importantly, you are improving the odds that you won’t deprive those that love and care for you by leaving them early.

Stay happy, healthy and young at heart. Not only will you age more gracefully, but life is a lot more fun that way.

~ Jim Davis


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