Keys to Weight, Health & Healing

For individuals that are struggling with their weight and health, it is not always easy. There are three key items that if followed, will allow not only weight loss to occur, but for the person to maintain a healthy body weight and lifestyle. This “golden triangle of health” comprises eating a well-balanced diet, taking a complete supplement to provide

nutrients that support health and healing, and getting active. These three simple items will promote a lifetime of health.

From a food prospective, eating “close to the ground” provides the proper nutrients our body needs. The more the product is in its natural state, the better. Whole fruits, vegetables, lean meats and grains are great choices. Avoid over-processed, high-calorie, low-nutrition and high-fat foods. Have healthy foods on hand at all times, so it is easy for you to make good, healthy choices.

Supplementation is key. What your body does not get from foods, you must supplement. Look for CAPPS—products that are complete, absorbable, pure, potent and safe. A great reference is the Nutrisearch Compative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, which provides scientifically based information about dietary supplements, particularly multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, so individuals can choose the best supplement for their particular needs. Everyone, including children and seniors, should take a trustworthy supplement. The right supplementation, along with diet and exercise, can help prevent a number of chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Get moving. People that are active have a better chance of getting slim and staying slim. Activity not only burns calories, but reduces stress, revs up our metabolism and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Just 20 minutes a day of exercise can produce a healthier, more youthful feeling of well-being.

Our bodies are bombarded daily with toxins, chemicals and stress. Anything you can do to protect your most precious and valuable asset, your health, should not be taken lightly. Take care of your body—it is the only one you have.

Sonja Kabell is the founder of Creating Healthy Lifestyles, in Plano, and is a weight loss and wellness consultant. Contact her at 972-935-6484 or

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