Reiki, Readings, Frequency Healing and more: Kathy D. Carter

Reiki, Readings, Frequency Healing and more

Kathy Carter holds a Reiki Master certificate from the Golden Light Center, and says,” I coach people how to maneuver life changes such as obtaining better health, better relationships, better jobs, more income, understand why certain things are happening in their lives, and discover and develop their gifts. I help people break old repeating patterns and learn to love and forgive themselves regardless of their past.”

Using her innate extrasensory gifts and years of spiritual training and life experience, she explains, “I believe everything starts in the energy field that affects the physical human body. I believe illness begins there from interference created from unreleased and stored emotion. I feel we are not taught how to care for our energy fields and that is what I help people with.”

Carter offers Reiki, Readings and Frequency Healing sessions for individuals and groups, package programs that include a 12-week Soul Finder Program and personalized Healing Mandalas. “Hands-on healing has been used for thousands of years. Science is validating more everyday about energy healing,” she says.

Kathy D. Carter is located near 75 and Bethany, in Allen, TX. For appointments, call 214-245-2293. For more information, visit

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