Kadampa Meditation Center Opens Branch in Denton

nb_meditation-buddhism-denton-fullsizerender-adjThe Denton Branch of Kadampa Meditation Center (KMC) Texas has opened a new location at 210 South Elm Street, with the intention of helping people experience peace, happiness and joy; help understand the root cause of suffering; and teach the methods for overcoming suffering and cultivating lasting peace and happiness.

Resident teacher Jenny Streit-Horn explains, “At KMC Denton, we teach Buddhist meditation classes and practical Buddhist teachings on how to live a happy, joyful, meaningful life. Some of the benefits of Buddhist teachings are that they can help reduce mental and physical stress; help people cope with pain, illness, death and dying; improve relationships, work environments and mental clarity; help cultivate inner peace; and overcome negativity and destructive habits, depression, loneliness and anxiety.”

Regular weekly classes on Wed., Fri. and Sun. range from $5 to $10. Special events such as day courses range from $20 to $35, depending on length. No preregistration is required. For more information call 214-460-5307 or visit MeditationInTexas.org/meditation-classes/denton.

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