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Improve your Brain, Improve your Life - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthInteractive Metronome (IM) training has been around since the early 1990s and, according to Get Your Head in the Game owner and IM trainer Robin Bollinger it has been proven to help improve the cognitive and coordination performance, speed and accuracy for those that complete the program.



Bollinger states, “For every action, function of the body, whether voluntary or involuntary, the timing center of the brain sends signals to every part of the body to tell that cell or muscle what to do. Like a computer’s processor governs how quickly a file is saved or a website launches, timing in the brain, or “temporal processing”, plays a major role in how fast an athlete runs or makes decisions on the field of play, how quickly and accurately a business person can respond in meetings, how well a student learns and even how a brain trauma patient recovers.”

Bollinger continues, “IM is most effective when used in its totality, and is very beneficial when used in conjunction with other therapies. However, while some providers use pieces of the IM program as an assessment tool to aid in providing other modalities such as occupational, physical or speech therapy, Get Your Head In the Game focuses on IM exclusively and offers the complete program.”

Bollinger spent six years working as the external relations director for a private school in Plano, and having enrolled her daughter a competitive gymnast in the IM program, she says she witnessed the improvements firsthand, including athletic awards and an academic scholarship. When the opportunity to become an IM trainer presented itself, she was overjoyed at the prospect that she would be able to help others.

Most people recognize that practice, repetition and quality coaching can bring about improvement in sports, schooling and work environments and almost any area of life, and Bollinger says that IM works on those principals, but at a very fundamental, neurological level. According to her, research shows that measureable/lasting IM improvements are gained when the participant has performed 32,000 repetitions or more. It’s like riding a bike; once they learn, they never forget.

Bollinger says, “At Get Your Head In the Game, we are a licensed provider of the Interactive Metronome program, which consists of patented hardware and software which monitors, quantifies and rewards a participants ability to maintain focus, as well as their ability to get back on track when focus is interrupted. We augment the training with physical fitness apparatus like weights, steppers, balance trainers and other creative enhancements that customize the training to better fit the client’s needs and goals. As needed or desired, we may also incorporate the use of aromatherapy.”

Bollinger states, “Those that would be most interested in IM are individuals struggling or stressed with their day-to-day performance, such as students struggling to keep up, make friends or mastering their studies; students with learning issues; adults with ADD/ADHD or a feeling that they are not able to meet work expectations or perform necessary daily tasks; athletes that are very close to reaching their goals; and those that are not performing like they have in the past due to stroke, traumatic brain injury or other physical injury.”

“Parents are initially most likely to invest in the training for their child that has learning, focus or processing issues,” says Bollinger. “That child may be taking prescription medication that is not the full solution or may be seeking a completely non pharmaceutical option. However, IM training isn’t only for people with deficits in learning or behavior. IM training helps average or even gifted students and adults improve and maximize their natural abilities.”

Get Your Head InThe Game is located at 8762 Preston Trace Blvd., in Frisco. For more information, call 214-693-9601 or visit

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