A Holistic Approach at Dental Arts of Plano

A Holistic Approach at Dental Arts of Plano - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthOur smile is one of the first things people notice about us. A person’s smile can make the difference in landing a job or having their resume “kept on file” for future opportunities. A person’s smile can get them a second date and in a relationship with the love of their life. A smile can bond a parent and newborn baby.



Dr. Angela Han, of Dental Arts of Plano, knows just how much a good smile is worth to people, and it is for this reason that she works so hard to make sure her patients get exactly what they want and need when it comes to their smile.

With an initial interest in the medical field and a dental technician for a mom, Han and her older sister both followed their mother’s footsteps and entered the field of dentistry, making the profession a family tradition. For five years, Han has enjoyed working with patients to improve their smiles, giving them the confidence they deserve with pain- and anxiety-free dentistry.

Han, working alongside Dr. Scott Buttyan at Dental Arts of Plano, always puts the patient’s interests first. “I always make sure to listen to what their needs are and really try to help them understand why certain procedures are necessary,” she says.

Han stresses the preventative dentistry approach for her patients, noting, “We don’t wait until a problem occurs; we always try to prevent the condition from worsening and causing the patient pain.” That’s why the hygienists of Dental Arts of Plano are incredibly thorough and make sure to explain to patients how to maintain and prevent certain diseases. By planning ahead in this way, they are able to help patients see the significance of getting things taken care of right away.

Preventative dentistry begins with the day-to-day oral care the patients partake of on their own. “As long as patients understand the importance of keeping up their hygiene, they should be good,” says Han. That means not just brushing, but flossing and using the correct technique/ instrument for brushing.

A holistic approach, with recommended biannual dental checkups and cleanings, along with proper everyday oral care, patients can take a big step toward preventing major issues in their overall health. Han advises, “It’s not just oral conditions that we uncover when examining and diagnosing, though that’s definitely a main part of it. Our whole body is one system. Everything enters through our mouths, so we can also detect larger health problems, as well.” She explains that some of the more common problems detected by thorough dentists include diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Taking the initiative to stay on top of oral health can make a tremendous difference in long-term overall health. This factor alone makes taking a proactive, preventative dentistry approach worthwhile. As Han emphasizes, “Patients need to understand the bottom line that oral health is so much more than just what is going on inside of the mouth. It is this awareness on the part of a dentist, coupled with a state-of-the-art facility that allows its providers to administer up-to-date techniques with the most advanced, toxic-free dental materials.”

While dentistry without pain is a major reason people seek out the services of Dental Arts of Plano, patients are also drawn to their philosophy against dental crowns and fillings containing mercury, their approach to treating patients by devising organized plans based on the good of the patient’s overall health, and their unwavering patient loyalty.

While Dental Arts of Plano currently sees mostly adults, Han suggests that parents bring their infants in as young as 6 months old to be examined, because it is at this time that their first teeth are typically beginning to come in, and children may be beginning to consume solid foods, as well. A checkup at this point can detect any potential issues with the oral health of a baby and educate parents about proper oral care for infants and children.

Han thrives on helping people and seeing the appreciation and the difference that Dental Arts of Plano can make for its patients. She often sees patients in pain and feels good about being able to relieve them of their pain. She keeps her education in the field as up-to-date as possible by taking courses, listening to webinars, reading articles, gaining additional certifications and taking advantage of any opportunities made available to her to expand her expertise. Han loves being a part of an evolving field that keeps getting better and better, and she truly enjoys her work.

Dental Arts of Plano is located at 4701 West Park Blvd., Ste. 201. To schedule an appointment, call 972-985-4450 or visit DentalArtsOfPlano.com.

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