Herbal Detox, Cleanse and Blood Profile Testing for Pets

crg-hol vet-adjDr. Shawn Messonnier, a holistic and integrative veterinarian and owner of Paws & Claws Holistic Animal Hospital, in Plano, offers autosanguis homeopathic/herbal detoxification therapy for pets, which he explains is used to help gently cleanse pets with chronic diseases, is especially effective for the immune system and often used for pets with cancer.

Messonnier also recommends a special blood profile to offer early testing for cancer, C-reactive protein and vitamin D levels. According to Messonnier, more than 90 percent of dogs read as abnormal on these tests, indicating they have undiagnosed cancer or immune disorders, or will develop one of these diseases within six months following testing. Abnormalities, he says, are easy and inexpensive to treat, and must be corrected to restore maximum health and prevent future problems, making early diagnosis and treatment important.

Location: 2145 W. Park Blvd. For more information call 972-867-8800 or visit PawsAndClawsAnimalHospital.com.

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