Heart & Vitality Center Accepting New Patients


Dr. Abraham Jacob, MD, FACC

Board-Certified Cardiologist Abraham Jacob, M.D., founded Heart & Vitality Center, in Plano, because he noticed a trend of younger-than-normal patients admitting to the emergency room with a cardiac event. He wants to identify pertinent risk factors and establish healthy living patterns before a patient might be subject to a life-altering illness.

“Heart & Vitality uses the most natu- ral approach possible in the treatments we offer,” states Manager Lisa Jones. “Our hormone replacement pellets are bioidentical and our weight-loss program is an all-natural, education-driven approach.”

Eliminating the “hormone clinic only” stereotype, they offer a full wellness approach, specializing in hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, weight loss, cardiovascular screening, non-invasive drug/surgery-free pain management and aesthetics.

Jacob says, “Because hormones naturally decline as early as mid-30s, the center offers solutions for those feeling depleted of energy and enthusiasm. We treat people with concerns about heart health or suffering from chronic or acute pain that are searching an alternative to medication and surgery. Individuals seeking to lose weight the right way can learn how to eat healthy.”

heart-and-vitalityLocation: 4100 W. 15th St., Ste. 112, Plano. For more information, visit HeartAndVitality.com.

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