Heart-Centered Alternative to K-12 Education

nb_living-ethics-drumming-1-adjVicki Johnston, founder of Living Ethics School and Center for Living Ethics, is dedicated to restoring childhood through natural learning. Each month, Johnston and the Living Ethics School host an open house event, Tea, Talk and Tour, where families of current and prospective students can learn more about the philosophy, curriculum and relationships, tour the facility and grounds and connect with other like-minded parents and families.

Johnston says, “We’ll discuss your child and the importance of learning that cultivates the imagination, heart and creativity in sync with academics; relationships that are heart-centered; supportive community; and daily access to gardening and wild nature.”
Johnston believes that the full stature of intelligent, competent, adulthood emerges from the fullest expression of childhood, and that is the goal and essence of the Living Ethics School.

Location: 340 Country Club Rd., Fairview. For more information, call 214-544-8338 or visit CenterForLivingEthics.org.

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